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Above all else, we hope to inspire you and help you gain the confidence and motivation you need to grow your business. We all want our ventures to feel thoughtful and genuine - that's where we come in.

Charlotte Mitchell is a modern-day Butcher that stands for traditional values and exemplary service and quality.

Statistics show that less than 1% of Butchers in the UK are female, but Charlotte doesn't play the 'woman making her way in a man's world' game. Charlotte's Butchery goes against the grain, providing a hands-on and personal service to each and every client and creating a brand new shopping experience, all whilst retaining the classic methods that she was taught in London.

We worked with Charlotte when she was entering her eighth year at her shop in Gosforth, Newcastle. The face-to-face aspect of her business was thriving, but she needed an online home for her brand that communicated her expertise and love for the trade.

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